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Why Main Street Dance Academy?

Main Street Dance Academy provides dancers with the technical proficiency necessary to reach their full potential. MSD has built the strongest performance company in the area. In addition to regular classes in technique, this talented group of dancers is taught professional level choreography, fine tuning their dances in rehearsal until they are ready to shine on the stage.

Stage performance is invaluable for the experience of the dancer. All company pieces, as well as all classroom pieces performed in a professionally equipped theater in our annual Student Showcase. The showcase experience signals the end of the training academy school year.

What to look for:

When selecting a studio, meet with the artistic director(s); discuss their training and the studio philosophy on the art of dance. Be sure to view both classes and performances of the most advanced students attending the studio; viewing these dancers will give you an idea of the caliber of the education provided.

At Main Street Dance Academy, you will find:

  • Two Artistic Directors that hold Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Dance
  • Performance and Theatre. Our instructors are highly respected; with an outstanding reputation for providing exceptional dance technique.
  • Home of Main Street Dance Company: providing performing experience and competition opportunities throughout the Midwest; instilling self confidence and respect for others while building lasting relationships through team unity and the art of dance.
  • Home of Main Street Martial Arts: building confidence and strength through discipline and the art of self defense.
  • No hidden fees. MSDA/MSMA tuition for classes and the performance group include all costume fees, registration & performance fees, entry fees (where applicable) and one Showcase DVD per student for all students enrolled in performing classes.
  • Family atmosphere: the studio environment and curriculum are designed to build confidence; providing a memorable, positive and rewarding experience both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Extensive range of dance preparation for ages 2 through adult in Ballet, Pointe, Modern, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Tumbling, and Martial Arts. Classes are designed to maintain our cumulative full year curriculum and are the appropriate length based on age and skill level. Classes for students beyond level 1 are an hour minimum.
  • Annual Spring Showcase production at professionally staffed auditorium providing students with a true stage experience.
  • On-site boutique: official Bloch and Mirella Dancewear supplier with knowledgeable staff to properly fit dance shoes.
  • Accurate technical dance vocabulary and stage direction is an integral part of our performance training program.
  • Pre-pointe through advanced pointe training program focusing on proper turnout, strength and injury prevention.

Why a full year curriculum?

MSD may accept limited late enrollment for NEW students based on class openings. MSD accepts limited late enrollment in Martial Arts and dance (pre and level 1 only) based on class openings and instructor recommendation. Please inquire.

Our full year academy curriculum allows our students to achieve a higher level of technique. Acceptance of midyear students detracts from the training experience of both the full year and the midyear student: encouraging students to enroll late, only to be in the recital/showcase. Mid-year students are not properly prepared for stage experience and the inclusion of these students disrupts the cumulative training and experience of the year-round students.

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