Michelle Haag

Michelle Haag

~ brings enthusiasm and a great level of dynamics to the pre-ballet division at Main Street Dance. A graduate of Peotone High School and former PHS cheerleader, Michelle has always had a flair for performing and a love of dance. She was the head coach of the Peotone High School Dance Team from 1998-2004. Because of her diligence and enthusiasm during her six years as head coach, Michelle turned a high school spirit squad into a reputable competition dance team, winning many awards across Illinois. She has been on the MSD faculty since its opening in 2007. In the summer of 2012, the children's program was expanded when a pre-tap class was added to the schedule. Michelle currently teaches pre-tap and 2 levels of pre-ballet, which includes elements of ballet and jazz technique. Join Michelle as she expands the children's program to include our new pre ballet curriculum with Patty Bourrée and her best friend, a cat named Jeté! Michelle's love for children makes us proud she is a member of the Main Street Dance family.

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